To be creative

To be creative in any field means self discipline… I love creating…making jewelry and Mala’s etc.. Creating beautiful patchwork or candlewicked quilts and lots else… but if I dont alot time to these endevours, I totally end up doing nothing!!  I have so much in my head all the time and sure a lot of my creative energy goes into my yoga classes, the planning and the just making sure my students enjoy them and get the most out of them!!  But when it comes to sitting down and actually making stuff its always hard!!  When I just begin..thats it Im off..and can be absorbed in my project for hours!!  But sometimes..a lot actually .. its so much easier to just play mindless video games or take a nap 😂. So I need to snap out of these habits and be constructive!!  And setting a time for this seems the way to go…but does that take the spontaneity away??


Auspicious Beginnings

Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha

Hi and welcome to my blog!!  Basically I want to use this as a platform to talk about whatever comes to mind, with regard to my passion …Yoga!!  All aspects of yoga…whenever and whatever 😍

I also love creating stuff, especially Sacred Japa Mala’s, but other bits of jewelry as well!  What I love about making Mala’s is the peace it brings me.. as each bead is added , I intone the sacred Mantra…most often for my ISHTA Devi Saraswathi Ma…but often for Lord Ganesh or Lakshmi or Durga!!

I would be very happy to discuss these practices with you, so please feel free to follow me and to express your opinions or offer advice any time… 🙏🏻💕